Make Way for Miracles


Each time we choose to bring joy into our lives, to move with life and towards life, we grow. Each time we open our minds and hearts, instead of closing with fear, we are changing. We show up instead of retreat. We give and receive. We live and love. We surrender our struggles to guidance rooted in soul. We listen to our inner teachers and heal. Healing is the miracle.  


We have the ability to choose and re-choose. Life is not a fixed experience, but rather an experiential process.  We are both participants and observers. We make choices and we respond in the present moment. The answers to our questions are within us.  We can quiet our minds and allow the voices of our inner teachers to gently spring forth. Opening our minds and our hearts, we allow love to soften fear.  We will begin to observe many negative behaviors disappearing from our lives.  Here, we take divine care of ourselves, each other, and this planet.  We develop a sense of personal responsibility and we make way for miracles.