Relish in Nature's Majesty: Unplug Each Day

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes... including you.
— Anne Lamott

I spent the day hiking through Point Reyes National Seashore. Moments after leaving the trailhead, I experienced the relaxing, sweet sensation of being unplugged, out in the wild, on my own. Moving through nature in solitude is one of my favorite experiences these days. Swinging my arms, stretching my legs out with long strides, breathing in fresh air, and reveling in expansive views feeds my soul and energizes my life.


I took the Mt. Whittenberg trail, jogging up the mountainside surrounded by green ferns, oak trees, meadows, and tall conifers. Walking, jogging, standing still, I played with movement. Fresh air soothed my skin and birdsong lingered in the air with sweet heavenly notes. Arriving at the top, the expansive view of the ocean extended for miles in each direction. I took moments to pause along the way, honoring nature's exquisite beauty, experiencing the wild and the serenity of the moment.


Elderberries, cows parsnip, thimble berries, hazelnut, and honeysuckle lined the trails. Beautiful, old trees extended high above, piercing the clear blue sky. A soft pad of bright green moss covered the ground. Wild strawberries occasionally broke through the thick green layer, adding to the beauty. Lichen hung from the trees, a gentle reminder of the mysterious ways of nature.


When I spend time in nature, I find myself showing up to the rest of life with renewed presence, ease, and clarity. Nature reminds me of the mystery, the profound, the perfectly functioning systems that support all life on Earth. Nature reminds me of my own inner nature, my wild nature, my peaceful nature. Nature takes me straight to source, where my roots tap into life force, pulsing with a steady rhythm, dancing the tango with the rest of the world.


Activity: Discover a “sit spot” in nature

Find a spot in nature where you can sit each day this week. You can sit quietly in a city park, your own backyard, a garden, at the beach, or on a mountaintop. Spend 15 minutes sitting quietly in your spot each day.