My Daily Yoga Habit

Good morning! Yoga has become such a stronghold in my life, I can forget the long phase of life when I dabbled in my practices, facing a struggle to show up to my mat. Today, I wake up and step onto to my mat each morning. Sometimes, I follow a scripted Ashtanga vinyasa practice or attend a class. Other mornings I flow through postures by listening to my body's impulses.


I appreciate both ways of showing up to my mat- structured or flowing- because the structured practices help me to enter postures that are difficult for me. The inner flow practices encourage me to move gracefully from one place to another. Both are important lessons for my life off the mat.


Last Spring, I came across Charles Duhigg's book The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life and Business. His book encouraged me to form some intentional daily practices around yoga and food that have turned into habits over the course of the past year. My hope was to create more ease and flow around healthy habits that sustain life. I have found that positive habits can take some time to establish, but when the ball gets rolling, life becomes so much easier.


Prior to my yoga habit, there was some struggle to step onto my mat. I had many excuses... not enough time in the morning, or day...too space... Plus I was often caught up in other habits that were already running my life. Since the reward for a daily practice is so huge, I eventually overcame resistance and started to move through yoga asana every day. I initially found structured practices like the Nosara Vinyasa or Ashtanga Primary Series helped to guide my practice. And once I formed a yoga habit (moving through meditation), the seated meditation habit naturally followed. Both of these positive habits made healthy food habits easier as well. The best part is the practice of establishing healthy habits in any area of life spreads out into the rest, laying a foundation for wellness.


How do you maintain habits that support health and wellness in your life?

I would love to learn from you 💜