Letting Go

I am amazed by the miracle of life.

I am astounded by the power of the flow, especially when I let go. 

I stepped off the train at a random stop in the woods and took a path unknown. 

Determined to discover a new way, I took a path called Peace. 

There is so much light now, where only shadows lurked before. 

And I am amazed that life takes these turns, which appear to take us off-track, but lead us through the most beautiful places and teach us exactly what we need to know.

I stepped off the train, and for a while I became too scared, so I climbed back on and rode a little further.

This time, I stepped off the train in an open meadow, with wildflowers in full bloom.

And this time, I am different.

I accepted my farewell to easy.

It was never easy.

I embraced the totality of my experience.

There are still many stormy days, but this time, the clouds seemed to part at just the right time to restore my faith in the miracle of it all.

I look through the clouds and take a deep breath of fresh air, releasing some of my fear and trusting a little more.

I always knew in my heart that my path was to be forged through wild lands, sometimes alone and sometimes with others.

But I didn't know how many helping hands there would be, only visible in the present moment. I didn't know that I could trust,