A 20 Minute Soul + Food Vinyasa Yoga Class for All-Levels

Over the course of the past several years, friends and family members asked me to put together some short yoga videos that they can use to practice at home. Not that there isn't YogaGlo... but there is something really wonderful about practicing together when we cannot be in the same city. Plus I had fun making the video 😊 This series is in my garden, which is changing by the day. My hope is to shoot some more videos in the same location and log the growth of our garden this year 🙏🌻

And... If you have the time or feel inspired, continue to move through the full class here:

If you have a couple of minutes at the end of this practice, lie down on your back and take Savasana. Savasana is a beautiful time to release all effort, allowing gravity to do its work. At the culmination of our practice, we receive the benefits of deep relaxation. 


Namaste 🙏💜