Yoga is a practice for being in life... All of it

Last night we practiced in gentle candlelight with live music... It was almost peaceful. There was a loud birthday party going on next door, providing a comical contrast to our gentle flow and inward journey. I recalled that there were loud trucks that would drive by during our YTT in Costa Rica and our teachers would remind us that these loud sounds and disturbances can take us deeper. After all, our practice is life and life can be messy. It's easy to practice when all the conditions are just so. And when they're not, well... The experience can better prepare us for whatever is to come in life. So we remembered that yoga is not just the powerful pranayama and asana we practice on our mats. Yoga is a practice that helps us to sit in the seat of our Self. Yoga is the practice of attuning to the nonjudgmental witness inside, so that we can be present to all of life. We found our sense of humor and laughed. Nevertheless, we felt restored and renewed at the end of the evening. And we were happy for to celebrate with the party next door 🎉 After all, a Birthday is a special event. The challenge of being peaceful amongst the chaos was met with acceptance and laughter. And that, is yoga.


This morning, I wake up and feel grateful for each person who showed up and brought their energy to the class. I feel grateful for the sunshine and blue sky after all of these incredible rain storms. I listen to the birdsong and slowly wake to a new day, where I will step on my mat and continue my practice. And I remember that this practice is for life... Yoga is on the mat and off the mat... I practice so I can show up more fully to all of life. And life is beautiful and messy, challenging and easy, light and dark. I practice to be present to all of it. 


Namaste 🙏💜